October 24, 2020

WebCatalog Engine 11.0.0

Electron 10

We upgraded WebCatalog Engine to Electron 10. It includes upgrades to Chromium 85 and V8 8.5.

October 14, 2020

WebCatalog 25.5.0

Code Signing on Windows

The app is now digitally signed on Windows which ensures the app has not been tampered by third-party and minimizes security warnings and installation failures.

October 10, 2020

WebCatalog 25.4.0

App Details

You can now check descriptions, websites and sharing URLs of any apps on WebCatalog.

Try without Installation

You can now try any apps on WebCatalog instantly without installation. Simply click “Try”.

October 7, 2020

WebCatalog 25.3.0

New Branding

To better represent WebCatalog as a company, we introduce a brand new logo.

October 5, 2020

WebCatalog 25.2.0

Improved App Discovery Experience

You can now filter apps in our catalog by type (standard/multisite) or by category; and sort apps by date added.

Looking for more detailed changelogs? Check out GitHub Releases pages of WebCatalog app and WebCatalog Engine.