Get Thousands of Exclusive Mac Apps

Magically turn any websites into Mac apps. Work more productively and forget about switching tabs.

v25.11.0. macOS 10.10 or later.

Also available on   Windows | Linux.


Stay organized

Launch your favorite web apps quickly in self-contained, distraction-free windows with many additional features to enhance your workflow.

Protect your privacy

Every app you install with WebCatalog is isolated from each other, running in its own container - effectively protecting you from cross-site trackers.

Take control

Switch between multiple accounts or projects with workspaces, control notifications, block ads & trackers, switch to dark theme & more.

Discover new apps

Explore thousands of apps in our curated app library. And you're free to submit new one or create custom apps.

Custom Apps

Custom Apps
Create apps easily from any websites.


Switch between multiple accounts/projects.


Control notifications with scheduling.

Multisite Apps

Don't like having too many windows? Multisite apps let you run and organize multiple web apps in a single place as independent workspaces and switch between them easily using keyboard shortcuts.